Micron suppliers: Partnership vision

At Micron, it’s about people working together to build the next world-changing idea. By turning ideas into action, we can enable a mutually profitable relationship that reduces risk, provides for compliance and business continuity, and goes beyond competitive pricing.

Interested in becoming a Micron partner or supplier?

Registration in Micron’s prospective supplier list formalizes your company’s interest in becoming a Micron supplier.

New supplier onboarding

Have you been contacted by our team for a procurement opportunity? 

  1. Review our supplier expectations below
  2. Initiate supplier self-registration
  3. Complete the registration form
  4. Depending on the product/service provided, complete the qualification form

Questions? Download our Quick reference guide

Existing supplier support

Supplier expectations

Micron expects our suppliers to meet high standards of quality and ethical performance in all our business transactions. We also require suppliers to agree to our Purchase Terms and Conditions and Supplier Requirements Standard. Some suppliers can complete our supplier onboarding process in less than a day because they reviewed the documents below before starting.

Celebrating supply chain excellence with the Micron Supplier Awards 2023

Micron’s Supplier Awards pay tribute to our suppliers for surpassing the highest level of global supply chain excellence within Micron’s supplier ecosystem.

group photo of micron executives at micron supplier awards event